Latest News: Namo E-tab Scheme

Latest News: Namo E-tab Scheme

Minister Jitu Waghan states that when Namo is ready to accept the e-tab, 50 thousand tablets will be provided to college students.

નમો ઈ-ટેબ લેવા તૈયાર થઈ જાય કોલેજના વિદ્યાર્થી, મંત્રી જીતુ વાઘાણીએ કરી જાહેરાત, 50 હજાર ટેબ્લેટ વિતરણ થશે

Minister Jitu Vaghani announced that 50 thousand Namo tablets will be distributed to college students.

In one thousand, 11000 thousand tablets will be distributed, and another 50 thousand tablets will be released soon: Waghani Jitu

Students will now be given a tablet computer.

A total of 50,000 pills will be provided.

Due to a technical issue, the tablet could not be delivered.

For one thousand rupees, the Gujarat government's Namo e Tablet scheme distributes 11000 thousand tablets to college and polytechnic students. However, despite the fact that all students have been without tablets for nearly two years due to technological issues, Education Minister Jitu Waghan has said that 50,000 tablets will be distributed soon due to technical issues.

What exactly was the technical flaw?

In 2017, the state government launched the Namo tablet scheme, which costs Rs. The pupils were provided tablets for two years under the scheme, but owing to the Corona Pandemic, they were unable to receive them last year. The Gujarat government began importing tablets from China due to poor quality and complications with China, and the initiative was suspended for the past two years.

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